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IWhy Men Love Pinay?

Men around the world are looking for Pinay Love.




Because pinay are loving, fuck very good and they are obedient. Most pinay can cook well and look forward to caring for their man.


These basic things that every man looks for are a prerequisite among pinays, but are dying skills in westernized women who are not as affectionate, too dignified to “fuck” and too proud to serve.


Pinay love is obedient almost to a fault. When a filipina loves you she wants to serve and to give to you. But she definitely expects the same level of service and giving from her man. Its a high standard of love and definitely not for everybody.


The downside of being worshipped by your filipina is that she gets very jealous and can be possessive. Most guys are NOT into that. If you take into account how much she loves you, then it makes sense that she would be jealous and possessive as she sees you as an object of worship.


The key of dealing with that is to gain and earn trust so she knows her heart is in good hands. Men are looking for a woman to be a woman! Its actually very simple.

Why Men Love Pinay?

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